National Do Not Call / Disturb Directory of India

  • Many of you have taken the time to paint the NDNC Registry in Black & White. It is the brainchild of TRAI and we have forwarded all your valuable suggestions to them.
  • Indians can now register Telemarketing Complaints on ComplaintBox for easy Dispute Resolution.
  • You can find the compilation of all the suggestions and comments . Our comments appear after "//", below customer's comment.
  • How this Site came into existence ? Well, it is the duty of TRAI to protect your interests, but when they couldn't, we Telecom enthusiasts got together and started building this even before the Registry came into force; that's why you see those Financial Companies and Insurance company links which are no more necessary.
  • For Banks and Insurance companies, if a Do Not Call / Disturb form is not made available, we have linked to there customer care and we have contacted them.
  • We have never collected any personal information unlike some sites, which is illegal.
  • Should you have further suggestions, contact feedback AT